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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Biggest Blogging Loser Week 2!

So I did my first weigh in and in week 1, I lost 4 pounds. I am finding it more challenging to eat less calories at home in a snow storm then I do at the office. So, I think it might have gone better if I hadn't eaten a little too much pasta standing over the sink on Sunday.

Things I did right: I drank my water, I walked every other morning, and I took a tupperware container of veggies to work every day. I went out with Bethany on Saturday night, we went to a Italian restaurant and I only ordered the bruschetta and some potato soup. The soup was very creamy, so it was probably pretty high calorie, however it was a reasonable portion. I consider this a victory because I did not bury my face in a vat of chicken alfredo. It was still very satisfying, so I say it was a good choice.

Things I failed at: Should have walked a bit more, and done better at portion control at home. Especially at the end of the week when we ran out of veggies. Next time we run out of fruits and veggies, I need to make a grocery run. I did ask Abigail to buy more this week, but what seems to be happening is that when I eat fruits and veggies, then Barry and Ledger want to eat them as well. Resulting in net less veggies available.

January 10th, 2010 - 216 pounds.


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