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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My almost Two Year Old

My almost 2 year old:

Can count to ten, only forgetting three every once and awhile.
Can do 'this little piggie' all by himself.
Frequently acts clingy when I get home from work, causing him to follow me around the house crying, "Mama!" while I snap at him to give me just a second.
loves listening to me read, at the moment the favorite is "Danny and the Dinosaur"
eats well in the morning, but not so great at dinner.
Loves 'mama bread' and buhbuhs (blueberries).....also black buhbuhs.
Sings the alphabet song poorly but enthusiastically.
has mostly abandoned the shower, preferring BAF! with Daddy.
asks to sit on the potty and occasionally is succesful, but this is mostly just a ploy to get me to read "DANNY DINOSAUR MAMA"
has settled into the two year old class at school, after a rough couple of weeks.
Loves to 'trow high'
Enjoys his blocks, but really wants us to help him with them. "you hold, mama"
still sleeps in a crib with a sucky.
uses a cup admirably well (with occasional messes).
loves to color, asking for 'pencil and canuts" (crayons).
Loves to bounce on the couch, fall on top of daddy, and run outside.
Loves his Meme mindlessly and asks for her daily. He likes to call her on Skype.
asks me to read "i love you through and through" every night for bedtime.
knows how to complete all his puzzles, but pretends not to and finds that joke hysterical.
finds a way to delight his father and I every single day.
knows most of his colors, still gets blue/green confused occasionally and has only the vaguest distinction between black and brown.
Likes to say goodbye to inantimate objects, 'bye blocks, bye shoes, bye daddy'
Can say 'sorry' without prompting when someone gets kicked.
Is the best thing that ever happened to me.


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