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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Financial Goals

A little bit more about that debt goal. We currently have 13833$ in credit card / loan debt. It is all low interest, but is sucking up $500 a month of our money. Obviously I would like ALL of that debt to be gone by the end of the year, but I don't know if that is possible. The goal for the year is to get it down to under $10,000. I'm gonna set the other financial goals, the laptop and investment clothing, aside and buckle down until we get that goal met. Totally doable, right?

Goals for 2011

  1. Weigh less than 200lbs for the majority of the year, but definitely the last quarter.
  2. Give up processed sweets for three months (jan-mar)
  3. Eat a vegetable every day.
  4. Earn at least 9 college credits.
  5. See at least 2 live theater presentations.
  6. Leave the state for vacation.
  7. Wear lipstick at least once a month.
  8. Read 50 books. (at least 10 adult, at least 5 "classics")
  9. Write in a journal every week. (or here, whatever)
  10. Exercise every week. This is not to say that once a week is enough, but I definitely do not want more than a week to go by without some exercise. That is how we get to months without.
  11. Do 2 5ks.
  12. Learn to ride a bike.
  13. Organize our digital pictures.
  14. Host 2 parties at our home.
  15. Pay off 25% of consumer debt. This does NOT include car, house, and student loan. It does include the bank loan and the credit card debt.
  16. Purchase a laptop with real money, not on credit.
  17. Purchase 2 nice work outfits.
  18. Do 3 decorative things to our home. Could be paint, curtains, hang something on the walls, etc.
  19. Be kind to my spouse. Not as focused a goal, but definitely worthwhile.
  20. Watch Ledger try an organised sport. Doesn't have to succeed or continue, but would like him to try this year.
  21. Take Ledger to an art museum.
  22. Volunteer with Ledger.
  23. Grow something.
  24. Make something creative.
  25. Hike through River Legacy with my boys.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

T-shirt and Jeans

His father tells him to give me a kiss and hug goodbye. I feel his lips brush the side of my leg as he runs by me. "I'm going with Daddy" he shouts, "BYE!" His white t-shirt is fluttering and he is holding a half-eaten biscuit in his hand. "Hey, wait! Give me a hug!"

He's almost three years old and my baby is gone. A big boy in t-shirt and jeans is off to conquer the world.