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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Goals

2012 Goals

1. Try not to complain about Barry’s behavior in nonproductive ways. Ask for what I need (please come watch TV with me) not complain about what he does (you never hang out with me). Make no comments that denigrate who he is. No shreeker monkey.

2. Give up sugar.
I want to just not eat any candy, cookies, or SODA until I weigh less than 200 lbs.

3. Attend a professional sporting event. (also with the boys)

4. Try 24 new vegetables.

5. Read 50 NEW (not rereads) books. (at least 10 adult, at least 5 "classics", 100 total books).

6. Write a letter once a month.

7. Once a month socializing with someone not related to me.

8. Do a 5k.

9. Read a book with Ledger every single day.
If he is gone at Grandma’s for over 24 hours that I fine, but if I see him I want to read to him. This is slipping in our routine because I am tired, and I don’t want it to.

10. Go somewhere overnight alone. Breathe deeply.

11. Don’t spend any money in January. Or the rest of the year.
Abigail will buy groceries, I will pay the bills, and Barry has agreed to fill my car with gas. I’m gonna put my debit/credit cards away. We need to tighten up eating out and groceries. With credit cards, bank loans, car loans, and student loans we are almost $40,000 in debt. I want that to be less than $20,000 one year from today. This is doable if nothing goes wrong, and that’s totally possible, right?

12. Paint Ledger’s room.

13. DO one nice thing for Barry every week. Work on strengthening my marriage with less talking. Do it without expecting gratitude.

14. Go Camping! (with the boys)

15. Try 3 new exercises. (activities like yoga, not exercises like squats or something)

16. Organize an area or room and make a box for goodwill every month. Hopefully this will make my home less cluttered.

17. Invite a new friend out to lunch.

18. Help a stranger once a month. If I don’t have time to volunteer at the pantry, I can still donate something, pay for someone’s lunch, pick up trash, etc.

I want to expand my world this year. Barry, Ledger, my health, and my job are important parts of my life, but it feels like I’ve closed off a bit this year. He’s getting bigger. New people, new things, new ideas….broadening.

2011 Goals, revisited

My 2011 list was largely a failure. I did not do more than I did. I’m still glad I did it though. I printed the list and hung it in the bathroom, and that really contributed to me not forgetting completely about this by Feburary 1st. It was good to have goals and directions, and I’m definitely planning on making another list for 2012. One that I will hopefully accomplish more fully.

1. Weigh less than 200lbs for the majority of the year, but definitely the last quarter.
Fail. I got down to 203 and then lost my fool mind. I paid attention and worked on it though and am pretty proud of how I did.

2. Give up processed sweets for three months (jan-mar)
partial. I did not have processed sweet for three months, but it was every other month, not three in a row. Very, very good for me and something I’m gonna do again.

3. Eat a vegetable every day.
Fail. I did well for awhile, but fell apart as the year went on. However, glad I did it, I definitely ate more vegetables this year than I have in the past, so YAY.

4. Earn at least 9 college credits.
Partial. I earned four.

5. See at least 2 live theater presentations.
YES! One I completed. Barry took me to see a local college production of Oklahoma, and then we saw Blue Man Group in Vegas. Very happy.

6. Leave the state for vacation.
YES! Went to Vegas for a week with my husband.

7. Wear lipstick at least once a month.
Fail. But I did it several times, and it always made me feel good.

8. Read 50 books. (at least 10 adult, at least 5 "classics")
Partial. I read 95 books, but only 2 classics. (Pride and Prejudice and Candide). Quite a few rereads and several nonfiction.

9. Write in a journal every week. (or here, whatever)
No. Fail. Fail. Fail.

10. Exercise every week. This is not to say that once a week is enough, but I definitely do not want more than a week to go by without some exercise. That is how we get to months without.

11. Do 2 5ks.
Partial. I only did one but I’m very proud I went out and did it alone.

12. Learn to ride a bike.

13. Organize our digital pictures.

14. Host 2 parties at our home.
Not Really. We had people over for the holidays and for ledgers birthday, but did not fulfill the spirit of the goal, which really should have read, “make some friends”

15. Pay off 25% of consumer debt. This does NOT include car, house, and student loan. It does include the bank loan and the credit card debt.
Partial. Technically we did, but we took out a loan for a new roof, took a trip to vegas, and found out we owe the IRS $3000. So the credit cards are lower, but now the car loan and the IRS debt make our total debt greater. Boo.

16. Purchase a laptop with real money, not on credit.
Yes! I bought a tablet with Barry’s midyear bonus. Love.

17. Purchase 2 nice work outfits.
Yes. New work clothes.

18. Do 3 decorative things to our home. Could be paint, curtains, hang something on the walls, etc.
Technically yes, but once again, did not improve my home as much as I wanted.

19. Be kind to my spouse. Not as focused a goal, but definitely worthwhile.
No. We did a little counseling, and we did some date nights, but the net goal of kindness was not achieved throughout the year.

20. Watch Ledger try an organised sport. Doesn't have to succeed or continue, but would like him to try this year.
Yes! Soccer. It was…not good. He was really to young. And I am scarred for life.

21. Take Ledger to an art museum.
Yes! A nice Sunday afternoon at the Kimbell with Aunt Patty and Greg was a worthwhile way to spend some time. Good.

22. Volunteer with Ledger.
No. He was too young for this, but he did witness me volunteering and also helped gather donations for the less fortunate.

23. Grow something.
No. Stupid dead plants.

24. Make something creative.
Yes! I made superhero capes! Which he refuses to wear! But I made them!

25. Hike through River Legacy with my boys.
Yes! And it was hot, and I was miserable and they loved it.

So, eleven out of twenty-five. That’s a failing grade. But I worked on lots of stuff and I worked 40 hours a week, and read books with my son, and sat in church most Sunday mornings.

Happier? Not really, probably about the same.
Richer? HAHAHA! No.
Thinner? Yes. But barely.
Proud of myself? Absolutely.