Adventures in Rachel-land

Friday, March 23, 2007


Well, I did it. I finally accomplished one of my most concrete goals for the year. Well, almost. Well, actually about a third of the way. But the point is I went to a museum. My husband and I drove over to Dallas last weekend to see the new Matisse exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. It was VERY crowded, and the line to buy tickets was unending, so we just started to wander around the regular exhibit. This tiny little docent promptly stopped us and asked to see our tickets. When we told her we didn't have any, she made us head back to the front of the museum. Can you imagine? I always thought those people were standing around to make sure no one stole or damaged the art, but it turns out they are also there to make sure no one steals free peeks at the Jackson Pollack.

So we bought tickets and paid the extra money to get into the Matisse show. Which was very interesting, but we spent more time in the modern art section. Barry finds these things a little boring, but there was this one piece he couldn't stop looking at. It was a large piece of plywood with a used paintbrush glued to it. Mind you, the paint brush had not been used on the plywood, but it had been used. He just kept standing there, going, "WHAT????" The final straw for him seemed to be that the installation was titled as "untitled". That generated a few more, "WHAT?????"" Maybe next time we will try art that actually looks like something.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


While it can be cool, it can also be very frustrating to have your mental and emotional health and well being completely wrapped around the physical well being of another human being. Who you can't control.

For example, if your husband wants to jump out of a plane without a parachute, there is nothing you can do to stop him.

Or if your husband wants to eat hamburgers for dinner every night and get bigger and bigger and completely disregard his family history of heart attacks and will not go to the gym or a walk around the neighborhood with you even though he clearly said that he would. And somehow blames daylight savings time for his inability to exercise.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I get restless, or maybe I'm just bored. For as long as I can remember, approximately every 3 months, something has to change. I haven't overly analyzed why this might be. Rather than assuming that it has to do with some defect in my childhood, I'm just going to go with boredom as the cause.

This particular aspect of my personality is what caused me to quit my job while I was in college, or break up with a boyfriend, or drop out of school for a semester. Every time I have colored my hair a bizarre shade has been a direct result of that "something must change" urge. The problem is that now I am married, so changing boyfriends isn't really going to cut it. And I have a mortgage and a car payment, so I can't exactly just quit my job. And I'm a professional woman, so drastically changing my appearance is not as easy as it once was. A tattoo? Probably not. The point is that as I get older, that need for change is getting harder and harder to fill.

It's been 6 months now, since I moved in with Barry and started my new job. I'd just started thinking maybe it was time to start looking around for a better position, when something wonderful happened. My boss asked if we could change my schedule at work. Instead of working Mon-Fri from 9-6, I am going to work every weekend and have two days off in the week.

What a relief. The tattoo parlors of Texas are safe. For now.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

March Update

1. 175 pounds - I haven't lost anything, but I have started going to the gym 5 times a week. And I know that it works.

2. Pay off debt - This isn't very exciting to say I have been paying regularly. All I can do is keep going. I had to buy a new car when my beloved Kelly died, so it is going to set us back a bit. At this point we have adjusted the goal to having half the debt paid off.

3. Leave the country (twice) - I'm still hopeful but this goal is directly at odds with the previous one. And if I have to choose, I definitely am more commited to goal #2.

4. Work on Career - No committee work has actually come through, but I have made some positive steps with my boss. The goal for March is to present a more professional image at the office. Giggle less and wear suits more.

5. Visit 3 museums - No museums in February either, however, I'm justified in that it was a short month. We do plan to attend a Matisse exhibit next weekend, so I'm still working on this one.

6. Treat my husband with respect - Working on it!

7. Take a class - Working on It!

8. Decorate Two Rooms - I hung curtains!!! I sold a bunch of my husbands stuff on craigslist!! I'm making progress!!! I should be off the hook on the others, just because of my awesome progress on this one.

9. Volunteer - I found a place and contacted them for information. I'm hopeful that the ACTUAL volunteering will start this month.

10. Keep up with these goals. - This one is still in excellent shape!! Woohoo.

Honestly, it feels like we are over an initial adjustment bump. I'm doing friend stuff, I'm staying busy, I'm not crying all the time. It feels good, and strong, and positive. Which may mean tomorrow everything will be disatrous. But right now.....I feel good.