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Sunday, March 04, 2007

March Update

1. 175 pounds - I haven't lost anything, but I have started going to the gym 5 times a week. And I know that it works.

2. Pay off debt - This isn't very exciting to say I have been paying regularly. All I can do is keep going. I had to buy a new car when my beloved Kelly died, so it is going to set us back a bit. At this point we have adjusted the goal to having half the debt paid off.

3. Leave the country (twice) - I'm still hopeful but this goal is directly at odds with the previous one. And if I have to choose, I definitely am more commited to goal #2.

4. Work on Career - No committee work has actually come through, but I have made some positive steps with my boss. The goal for March is to present a more professional image at the office. Giggle less and wear suits more.

5. Visit 3 museums - No museums in February either, however, I'm justified in that it was a short month. We do plan to attend a Matisse exhibit next weekend, so I'm still working on this one.

6. Treat my husband with respect - Working on it!

7. Take a class - Working on It!

8. Decorate Two Rooms - I hung curtains!!! I sold a bunch of my husbands stuff on craigslist!! I'm making progress!!! I should be off the hook on the others, just because of my awesome progress on this one.

9. Volunteer - I found a place and contacted them for information. I'm hopeful that the ACTUAL volunteering will start this month.

10. Keep up with these goals. - This one is still in excellent shape!! Woohoo.

Honestly, it feels like we are over an initial adjustment bump. I'm doing friend stuff, I'm staying busy, I'm not crying all the time. It feels good, and strong, and positive. Which may mean tomorrow everything will be disatrous. But right now.....I feel good.


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