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Monday, June 04, 2007

Welcome to the Summer of the MOVIE

You have to say that title in a big dramatic voice. "THE SUMMER OF THE MOVIE". We are average middle class people, and as such it is our duty to watch whatever drivel Hollywood chooses to throw at us throughout the long hot summer. Actually, it is going to be a very long, busy, insane summer, and the way we are going to cope is through the joy of the cinema. So, here is the rundown of all the movies we are going to see:

No Reservations, Georgia Rule, Shrek 3, Fantastic 4, Harry Potter 5, Pirates of the Carribean, Knocked Up, Hairspray, The Ex, Die Hard 4, Rush Hour, LUcky You, Mr. Brooks, Oceans 13, Transformers, Bourne, License to Wed.

I count that as 17 movies. I think it is doable.

We watched Georgia Rule (3 stars), pirates (4 stars), and just this weekend, Knocked Up, which I also enjoyed. So, three down, 14 to go. I have a very low standard for an enjoyable movie, so I'm thinking it won't be hard to have more good ones than bad on the list by the end of the summer.


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