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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April Update

1. 175 pounds - I lost 10 pounds this month, but I'm not really that much closer to the goal. I continually recommit to this goal.

2. Pay off debt - I'm still paying on it. It's frustrating because it is hard to see any progress, but I know it is happening.

3. Leave the country (twice) -No progress, but if something has to give on this list, I think this is going to be the one.

4. Work on Career - Good, good things are happening. Most days I feel like I am making real progress.

5. Visit 3 museums - One down!! We went to an exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, and we are planning another trip this month.

6. Treat my husband with respect - It's hard! But we are working on our relationship every day and the return on that investment is huge for me.

7. Take a class - This hasn't made a lot of progress, but I'm hoping to take a class this summer.

8. Decorate Two Rooms - Um...I didn't do anything more on this in March. But I'm on it. Really. Maybe.

9. Volunteer - The actual volunteering began just last night. I didn't actually fit it into March, but finally in the 4th month of the year, I am plugged in. I'm watching kids at a domestic violence shelter while the moms are in group meetings. It makes me tired and a little sad, but it isn't a huge investment to help out 2 hours at a time.

10. Keep up with these goals. - I'm faltering here as well, as is evidenced by my posting this on April 10th. It took awhile because Easter was this weekend, but I'm going to do better this month. For reals this time.


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