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Friday, February 02, 2007

February Update:

Well, 1/12th of my year is gone. Let's see how I am doing.

1. 175 pounds - Well, um. Let' s just say that this wasn't a priority in the last month, but I know it will be soon. I bought a big water bottle, I signed up for a walking challenge, and I registered for a produce bulk buying program. I am well on my way to making February a healthy month.

2. Pay off debt - The tax check wasn't as large as I would have hoped. I have continued paying aggressively and have consolidated so that I am not paying more than 4% interest. I'm making solid progress on this one.

3. Leave the country (twice) -I've been doing research and trying to stash a little money without sacrificing goal #2. I'm going to have to start looking into the best way to travel cheap.

4. Work on Career - I've been agressive on this one as well. I've volunteered for several things at work, and signed up for some professional development and committee work.

5. Visit 3 museums - No museums this month. Most of the month was busy with my wedding, but I have high hopes for a valentines trip to the modern art museum.

6. Treat my husband with respect - My husband!!! We're married now, and I am working on being more supportive. I'm not close to perfect, but I am conscious of the situation.

7. Take a class - I waited to long, but there are some starting in March, so I am going to sign up as soon as possible.

8. Decorate Two Rooms - I've bought a few things, so here's hoping I have time.

9. Volunteer - I'm looking for a place.

10. Keep up with these goals. - YES! This is the only goal I have made substantial progress on.

So, yeah, I probably need to work on this a little more. I need to take solid steps every week to meet these goals. These aren't crazy, difficult ideas. They just require me doing more than watching The Office and eating french fries.


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