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Saturday, December 30, 2006

I don't believe in resolutions, but it can't possibly hurt to write out what I would like out of the year to come.

Goals for 2007

1 175 pounds - I want to have a baby soon, and I want to be in the best possible shape to do that. My 'ideal' weight is 175. I'd like to shoot for that. I was 182 at the beginning of 2006, so I think I can make it. This is only first on the list coincidentally. It isn't the most important thing, and I hope I don't treat it as such.

2. Pay off debt - I owe a fair amount of money from the loss I took at the sale of my house. I want to be completely debt free by the end of the year. With not having any bills, and hopefully a large tax check, I hope I can do that.

3. Leave the country (twice) - I have an old goal of ten countries by the time I'm thirty. To stay on track with that, I'll have to hit two a year from now on. I'd like a honeymoon to Puerto RIco in August and perhaps a trip to Vancouver next Christmas. A lot of that depends on the previous goal. I don't want to get out of debt just to get back in.

4. Work on Career - I want to take some steps forward in my career in the next year or two. In the immediate future, I need to get some experience with professional organizations, implement some creative programs, and really step up my efficency with the boss. I also want to work on my managerial skills this year.

5. Visit 3 museums - I talk about this a lot and never seem to leave the comfy couch. Three in a year is more than reasonable in the area I live in. I am just a few miles from great culture. Okay, great may be pushing it, but I am near a metropolatin area, and I can find a useful museum.

6. Treat my husband with respect - I am getting married in a couple of weeks and I really want to work at putting more respect into our relationship. I occasionally don't act like I respect him. For example, sometimes I know that what he is saying he will do is not going to get done. Then I feel like I have to point that out. There is no reason for that and it isn't uplifting. I want to be more uplifting and supportive so that he can tell that I do respect him.

7. Take a class - I love school, I love education. This year has been all about my relationship. It is time to start rediscovering the things I love.

8. Decorate Two Rooms - I have lived in this house for 4 months, Boyfriend has been here for two years, and nothing has been done. PAINT, I need paint!

9. Volunteer - Ditto #7. I was talking with Boyfriend the other day and realized I've been so focused on other things that I have stopped actively working to make the world a better place for anyone but me. But now we are moving forward in our life together and I need to adjust my focus before I lose a part of myself.

10. Keep up with these goals. - These goals will not mean anything to me if I don't actually stay aware of them. So, once a month, on the first, I will return and evaluate how each goal is coming along.

Who knows, maybe I'll finish them all in one month and then watch tv and eat hot pockets for the rest of the year.


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