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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Weight Update: After getting down to 201, I had a delicious Easter and am currently at 203. This is going to be my week though, I just know it.

Ledger Update: Thinks he is in charge of the world and gets pretty upset when you don't agree. Yesterday I asked him to come upstairs with me, but he wanted me to walk a specific way. When I didn't bend to his whims, he started a screaming fit. (FUN!) I sent him to his room until he could calm down, but he threw himself on the ground and screamed "NEVER". It is hard not to laugh when he hollers as though he is defending Scotland.

Work Update: Sigh. I need to find a way to make my peace with it or change it. This spot I'm in where I just let it suck me into crabbiness is no good. Maybe my vacation in may will help. Maybe getting back up to full staff in June will help. Maybe winning the lottery will help.

Exercise Update: Not doing as well, I think I got bored with the walking track. I've been reading on the treadmill at an incline the last couple visits to the gym and that has been pretty simple. Does that mean it isn't working?

Goal List Update: I am halfway through the 50 books I wanted to read and am well on my way to making an out of state trip happen. I have obviously failed the journaling weekly goal, but am making progress on everything else.

Off to make lunches for my children.


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