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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Almost Three Year Old

  • Counts to 17.
  • Is a picky eater, but cooperative enough to try a bite of anything.
  • Is pottytrained, but can't quite button his own pants.
  • is Generally cooperative and helpful.
  • Still needs a nap in the afternoon.
  • Is almost too big to carry around.
  • Loves to help in the kitchen.
  • Sleeps with a rotating cast of stuffed animals.
  • Has a hard time settling down to sleep at bedtime.
  • Loves being read to.
  • Enjoys trucks, dinosaurs, race cars and Dora.
  • Looked me in the face in the middle of the tantrum and asked me to help him. I asked him with what and he asked me to help him pull it together. When I asked him how I could help, he said, "do the breathing thing". So I looked him in the face and we took 10 deep breaths together so he could calm down. Apparently telling him to take deep breaths has internalized at some point.
  • Loves hiding under a blanket while we pretend to look for him.
  • Loves to wrestle and tickle with Daddy.
  • Loves fruit and bread and cheese.
  • Enjoys showers.
  • loves daddy and mama and mimi.
  • says a prayer every day where he thanks god for poop, basketball, and mimi.
  • is willing to give kisses at bedtime, he is generally resistant to hugs.
  • Hangs out with Aunt Abigail during the day.
  • is pretty shy around new people.
  • Is smart and handsome and soo funny.
  • is a gift.


  • At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Abigail said…

    He is indeed a gift! I'm glad I get to hang out with him every day!


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