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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

17 Months

Ledger is 17 months old now. That number has absolutely no significance to anything. It has just seemed in the last month or two, that when I look at him, I see a little boy, not a baby anymore. It's mostly the walking that does it, I think. Babies don't walk! Children walk! But it is also the talking and the laughing and the tantrums.
Oh my, the laughing. He has started making funny faces and when we laugh, he just does it again and again and again. I was feeding him some yogurt this morning and he snatched it off the spoon with a big "Umph". And when I laughed he kept doing it, over and over, giggling the whole time. He loves his books. Boo! Boo! And he loves his balls and trucks. Yep, he's a little boy.....and it breaks my heart a little. My little boy.


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