Adventures in Rachel-land

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4.5 months

Time is passing by and we are so busy that I am not writing anything down. You are laughing and rolling around and I am not keeping track of it. You have had a tiny bowl of oatmeal before bed for three nights now. I want to remember this. Every new development is amazing and wonderful for your father and I. When you rolled over on your own, we jumped up and down and hugged each other. The thing is that every new thing gives way to the next new thing. You are bigger and smarter and more aware every day. Someday, in the not to distant future, all of this is going to be a fuzzy memory. I'll remember things, but certainly not everything. That makes me a tiny bit sad. But your father and I are soo excited to be able to watch you grow and develop and turn into a tiny little person. We love you.


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