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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lucky Boy

My mother came to stay for a few days this month. She is so good with you. She is patient, and endlessly competent. Clearly, I knew she was competent, she managed to raise me, after all, but I love watching her with you. She talks to you in this calm way, acting like you understand every word. Becoming a mother has forever changed my relationship with my own mother and my relationship with you will hopefully always be influenced by the amazing mother that I have been gifted with.

Aunt Bethany also came to visit you. We have been friends for over 20 years now, I can hardly believe I have known any one for that long. She has been a constant friend and voice of reason for me, but has never really been a 'baby person'. She was so enamored with you, and it means the world to me for her to love you. I hope you will always have her in your life.

I look at how lucky I am. Lucky to have beautiful, strong women in my life. My sister, my mother, Bethany, Julie. Women who have loved me, supported me, and helped to shape me into the woman that I am. And over the past month, these women have held you, given you bottles, kissed your little face and just loved all over you. I have no idea what your relationship with these women will look like in five, ten, or twenty years. What I do know is that you are an incredibly lucky boy to have them and I hope that is a gift both of us will never take for granted.


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